Carbonated soft Drinks

Coca cola,Fanta,Sprite,Shweppes, Pepsi,fanta Orange,7up,Dr Pepper
Type: Carbonated Soft Drinks 330ml Can
Ingredients:CO2 saturated water, sugar, HFCS, high acidity (330), emulsifier, natural flavors and similar natural, preservative (211) and food color (110).
 Nutritional value 100 ml:Energy 54 kcal, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Carbohydrate 13g.
 Exp date:See below of can.
 Preservation:Place clean, dry, cool, avoid direct sunlight, strong odors or chemicals.
Manufacturer:Coca-Cola Beverage Co


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Soft Drinks:

we stock a large range of packaged soft drinks, including different varieties of water  as well as the Coca Cola Schweppes range in many formats.


Carbonated beverages

We believe that the quality and consistency of carbonated beverages is paramount…not forgetting the cost, of course. Our range is carefully selected to be realistic in price whilst not compromising on quality or consistency, and hopefully cover all your needs. However, if we don’t stock something you need, just ask. We have been a trade wine wholesaler and supplier for many years and our suppliers have thousands of carbonated beverages.


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