Perrier Mineral water


Perrier Bottled water distributor, Perrier Mineral water wholesale

We are the most reliable Perrier Bottled water distributor around  the globe .

Sourced from natural spring in southern France

– With unique intensity of sparkling bubbles
– No sugar, No calories

Pack Size
– 750ml x 12 bottles (Glass)
– 330ml x 24 bottles (Glass)
– 500ml x 24 bottles (PET)
– 330ml x 24 cans


PERRIER natural 20 CL bottle 24 x 20 CL
PERRIER natural 33 CL bottle 24 x 33 CL
PERRIER natural 33 CL cans 24 x 33 CL
PERRIER natural 75 CL bottle 12 x 75 CL
PERRIER natural 100 CL bottle 12 x 100CL
A 40′ dry container contain around 22 pallets.

Available Flavors
– Natural
– Lemon
– Lime
– Eau De Perrier (lightly sparkling)


We can provide mixed container if required.   Please contact us for more information.


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